Thursday, 12 March 2009

Northern Divisions Senior and Junior Championships 2009

Senior and Junior Championships 2009
Gloucestershire and Wiltshire Divisions v Somerset and Bristol Divisions
Date: 21st March 2009
Host : Synwell ABC
Venue: Listers Hall,
Weigh In: 16.00hrs-18.hrs
Draw: 18.15hrs
Boxing: 19.00hrs

The following are the entries. If you do not have a bout you do not need to weigh in. If for whatever reason your boxer needs to withdraw please contact Terry Smith on 01452 859789 as soon as possible.

Senior Championships.

fly 48-51
Bradley Watson (Amalgamated)

feather 54-57
Danny Webb (Empire)

light 57-60
Daniel Bharg (Walcot)
Warren Lily (Sydenham)

light welter 60-64
Joe Hughes (Malmesbury)
Justin Hicks (Yeovil)
Michael Whaldron (Empire)

welter 64-69
Ja-Rel Jameson (Yeovil)

middle 69-75
Kelvin Young (Penhill)
Sam Pomphrey (Broadplain)

light heavy 75-81
Callum Pearson (Amalgamated)

Cruiser 81-86
Matt Jennings (Amalgamated)

heavy 86-91
Mark Reynolds (Walcot)
Ricky Pow (Empire)

Junior Championships

Class 4 (1993) 3x2min

48-50 Corey Smitherman (Trowbridge)

52-54 Anthony Collins (Sydenham)
Kane Stewart (Broadplain)

54-57 Robert Walklett (Walcot)

57-60 Jake Stevens (Gloucester)
Gage Demore (Amalgamated)

60-63 Ben Ferris (Broadplain)

66-70 Wayne Ingram (Gloucester)

70-75 Daniel McDickson (Salisbury)
Charlie Cooper (Downend)

Class 5 (1992) 3x2min

48-50 Herbert Cooper (Sydenham)
57-60 Jake Jones (Downend)
63-66 Gary Coles (Kingswood)
66-70 Mitchel Lever (Synwell)
70-75 Callum Harper (Watchet)

Class 6 (1991) 4x2min

52-54 Amin Assan (Walcot)
Joseph Pomphrey (Gloucester)

60-63 Nathon Cummings-Snow (Broadplain)

63-66 Sam Jenner (Malmesbury)

Joe Wilcox (Lydney)

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