Monday, 18 January 2010

Western Counties Championships Bideford

Western Counties Schoolboy championships, to be held at Bideford Gym on Sunday 24th January Weigh in 10.30 - 12.30, boxing commence at 1pm.EX39 3HN (2nd turning left)
Please ensure coaches have their lanyard, if doing any corner work. Southern divisions (Cornwall and Dorset, and Devon) in Red corner, Red Headguard required, Northern Divisions (Gloucestershire and Wiltshire, Somerset and Bristol) will be in Blue corner Blue headguard required.
It will be computer scoring.
If there are any withdrawals please contact Dave Grant championship secretary immediately.07850 181638. Please let him know if there are any mistakes in the listings re weights name spelling etc, thank you. If you have a walkover you do not need to attend.

Class 1
28-30kgs Johnny-Ray Reilly (Oakmead)walkover
30-32kgs no entry
32-34kgs Eric Squire (Exmouth) v Callum Large (Walcot)
34-36kgs Alfie Bond (Barnstaple) v Cameron Thomas (Lydney)
36-38kgs Jonah Squire (Exmouth)walkover
38-40kgs Thomas Cappola (Cambourne) v Teaken Prior (Wells)
40-42kgs Callum Coles (Empire) walkover
42-44kgs Mackenzie Waker (Poole)v Patrick McDonagh (Walcot)
48-50kgs Ryan Cozzolino (Kingswood) walkover
Class 2
32-34kgs Joseph Roberts (Yeovil) walkover
36-38kgs Mickey Parsons (Broadplain) walkover
38-40kgs Joe Edwards (Trowbridge) walkover
40-42kgs Jerry Connors (NSC) walkover
42-44kgs Tyler Barwood (Paignton) walkover
44-46kgs Sidney Longworth (Poole) v Keelan Morris (Synwell)
46-48kgs Harry Sugars (Barnstaple) v Callum Wells (Walcot)
48-50kgs Corey Westbrook (Tiverton) v Reece Connor (Gloucester)
50-52kgs Liam Simpson (Portland) walkover
52-54kgs James Shackell (NSC) walkover
54-57kgs Ian Gardiner (King Alfreds)walkover
57-60kgs Joe Simpson (Pilgrims) v James Richards (Penhill)
60-63kgs John Davis (Gloucester) walkover
63-66kgs Darren Townley (Gloucester) walkover
Class 3
36-38kgs Joshua Hatley (Torbay)walkover
38-40kgs Tyrone Tickner-Hinkes (Sturminster) walkover
40-42kgs Joe Ogiewicz (Barnstaple) walkover
42-44kgs Billy Hearle (Downend) walkover
44-46kgs Romeo Romeao (Forest Oaks) walkover
46-48kgs Reece Buss (Broadplain)walkover
48-50kgs Nathan Mackin (Apollo)v Callum O'Connell (Broadplain)
50-52kgs Richard High (Salisbury) walkover
52-54kgs Jack Bennett (Broadplain) walkover
54-57kgs Toby Osmond(Weymouth) v Jake Smith (Broadplain)
57-60kgs Zane Turner (Torbay) walkover
60-63kgs Tommy McDonaugh(Walcot)walkover
63-66kgs Daniel Ruddle (Blandford) walkover
66-70kgs Nathan Halton (Apollo) v Llewellyn Bowen (Empire)
70-75kgs Curtis Bowers (Penhill) walkover

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