Sunday, 11 May 2008

Womens Championships 2008

Both the junior finals and the senior semi finals and finals will take place on June 21st 2008 at:
The Army Boxing Centre Maida Gym Queens Avenue Aldershot GU11 2BT
We have 4 entries from Western Counties this year.
Shauna Eva (Exeter) will have a semi final against C Shield (Lawrence)
Tinika Penforld (Tivey) will have a semi final against C Brown (Hamer)
D Leaney (Saints) will have a final with either C Allinson (Aycliffe) or R Murray (Birmingham City)
Lisa Perryman (Empire) will have semi final against T Clack (Campol)
So Western Counties have been unlucky in drawing a semi prior to the finals for three girls out of four, but sure they will use the semi's as there warm up to the grand final !
Good Luck.

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