Sunday, 11 January 2009

Western Counties Coaching Seminar 11th January 09

Above, Kevin Hickey making presentations on behalf of Western Counties to Kurt Ernest and Alan Brightman.

Thank you to all of you who attened the coaching seminiar today at Bristol. For those of you who couldn't make it below follows a brief outline on what you missed.
The individual attendance was in excess of 80 people and the feedback by telephone has been extremely encouraging and asking “when is the next one?”

Richie Woodall set the scene with a clear and unequivocal outline of the requirements to box successfully at International level, and the changes needed in training for 3x3's, and some good insights into weight managment for boxers.

Mick Gannon provided a real insight into the English system of progression to International representation and showed the link between England and the Western Counties.

This was followed by Kevin Hay who outlined the rapid rise of Western Counties boxing in less than two years; it was quite amazing what Kevin and his team of coaches have achieved in such a short time!

Mathew Williams contribution clarified the changes for the new coach education programme and we have already received positive feedback. At least many of our coaches now understand the new system .

Kevin Hickey, not yet a week in his new post and he found time to visit and present awards on behalf of Western Counties to Kurt Ernest and Alan Brightman two people he knew many years ago, and who have helped shape not just Western Counties but England amateur boxing as well. Thank you Kevin and I’m sure that you will be pleased to reopen some old friendships and make some new ones.

The question and answer time was interesting and informative and good to have information from 'the horses mouths' !!

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