Tuesday, 16 February 2010

School boy semi finals

School boy semi finals wil be held.
Sunday 21st February
Edge Leisure Centre
Woolmer Hill Road
Woodmer Hill
GU27 1QB

Weigh-in: 10.30am-12.30pm

Please ensure you have your coaching lanyards and THIS season cards . As far was we are aware it will be computer scorring we have not been told otherwise.

Class 1
34-36kgs Cameron Thomas (Lydney) v Christy McDonagh(Lyn)
38-40kgs Teaken Prior (Wells) v Frank Baker (Repton)
42-44kgs Patrick McDonagh(Walcot) v Jimmy Smith (Reptopn)
48-50kgs Ryan Cozzolino(Kingswood) v Viddel Riley (Newham)

Class 2
52-54kgs James Shackell (NSC) v Johnny Baker (Repton)
63-66kgs Darren Townley (Gloucester) v Sam Walker (Bromley and Downham)

Class 3
40-42kgs Joe Ogiewicz(Barnstaple) v Adam Middleton (Nemesis)
44-46kgs Romeo Romeao(Forest Oaks) v Martin George(Billericay)
52-54kgs Jack Bennett(Broadplain) v Michael Maloney (Chadwell St Marys)
60-63kgs Tommy McDonagh(Walcot) v Reid Hill(Dagenham)
66-70kgs Nathan Halton(Apollo) v James Branch(Repton)

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