Sunday, 21 February 2010

Western Counties Web site.

Our new Western Counties web site is being roled out this week. All clubs will recieve information on how their caoches and officals can enrol during this coming week, and I will post information on this blog as soon as it happens.
When you do use the site, please give us feedback, this is your website if you think it would be better if we did something differently please let us know. It can only be as usefull as you want it to be with your input.

We have found the blog very usefull, clubs have realised as soon as we have information  we put it on here, it saves ringing round 10 people, or getting grapevine chinese whispers, which as we know are not always correct.
That is not to say the blog has always been right, but at least it is a source that if incorrect, you have told us and, we can find out from offical sources and change. It has saved many wasted journies, phone calls and wrong spellings on certificates.!

I will continue to post information on both the web and the blog untill we are happy that there are no major hitches with the web site.
You will be pleased to know (I am) that the download section appears to be working alot smoother than our blog downloads, which have caused us both grinding of teeth and choice words.
Helen B
(for Steve who is at the schoolboy semifinals today, and not fishing)

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