Monday, 8 March 2010

Western Counties Junior Championships 2009-10

Saturday 27th March at
Broadplain, Bristol. BS2 9ES
Weigh-In will be from 1.00pm to 3.00pm, 

Boxing will start at 4.00pm.

Please ensure you have your coaching cards and Lanyards for this season with you as they will be checked, and if you don't have them please get them.

If there are any mistakes or if your boxer withdraws for whatever reason, please contact Dave Grant 07850 181638. or myself (Steve Brooks) immediately.01594 841552.
Junior entries

Class 4 (Born 1994) 3x2min
46-48kgs Lloyd Barwood (Paignton) Walkover
48-50kgs Paul Johnson (Penhill) Walkover
50-52kgs Liam Spear (Kingsteighton) Walkover
52-54kgs Tyler Davies (NSC) v Shane Haywood (Sturminster)
54-57kgs Abdi Abduillahi(Barton Hill) v Ray Penfold (Bideford)
57-60kgs  Jake Heal (Synwell) v Alex Kelsall Spur (Lympstone)
60-63kgs Connor Wells (Walcot) Walkover
63-66kgs Liam Wilkins (Devizes) v Ben Ruth  (Mayflower)
66-70kgs Ryan Martin (Walcot) Walkover

Class 5 (Born 1993) 3x2min
48-50kgs Jonathan Price (Trowbridge) v Kyle England (Bideford)
50-52kgs Cory Smitherman (Trowbridge) Walkover
52-54kgs Christopher Adaway(Mayflower) Walkover
54-57kgs Kane Stewart (Broadplain) Walkover
57-60kgs Gage Demore (Amalgamated) v Claude De Lange (Sturminster)
60-63kgs Jarrie Chown (Blandford) Walkover
63-66kgs Ryan Fisher (Bodmin) Walkover
66-70kgs Wayne Ingram (Gloucester) Walkover
70-75kgs Derek Nurdin(Blandford) Walkover
75-80kgs Lewis Kerley (Bournemouth) Walkover
80-85kgs Charlie Cooper (Downend) Walkover

Class 6 (Born 1992) 4x2min
48-51kgs Kyle Cockram (Downend) Walkover
51-54kgs Matt Van Emmenis (Bideford) Walkover
54-57kgs Lloyd Roberts (Yeovil) v Shaun Hughes (Blandford)
57-60kgs Raynor Mason (Poole) Walkover
60-63.5kgs Adam Baker(Amalgamated) v Ben Owen (Bideford)
63.5-67kgs Tim Cutler (Empire) v Jack Langford (Bideford) walkover
67-71kgs Gary Coles(Kingswood) v Peter Nurdin (Blandford)
71-75kgs Callum Harper (Watchet) v Jay Gaal (Exeter)
91+ Peter Richards (Penhill) v Harry Armstrong (Apollo)

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