Thursday, 8 October 2009

Championship Wraps/bandages

Please be aware of new rule re hand wraps for championships.
"From October 1st 2009, at all championships, the only bandages used must be purchased from the ABAE and bear the ABAE registration stamp. "
We have purchased some of these wraps, but there is a problem with supply, they will be available for purchase at Trowbridge at the Western Counties junior novice finals.
After that you can get them from your divisional secretaries. Sarah Simpson (Devon) Des Charnock (Cornwall and Dorset) already have their supply from us, Terry Smith (Glos and Wilts) will have his on Friday at the championships, but Andy O'Kane (Somerset and Bristol ) will not have his untill Thursday 15th October.
The price will be £4 for 4.5m and £3 for 2.5m.
If you do not wear the regulation wraps you will be disqualified from any championship bout.
Steve Brooks

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