Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Senior Novice Championship Entries for Gloucestershire and Wiltshire, and Somerset and Bristol.

Below are the entries received for the Senior Novice championships for the two northern divisions, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire, and Somerset and Bristol.
Please if you discover a mistake in entry weight or spelling of name or any omission. Please contact your divisional secretary as soon as possible.
Gloucestershire and Wiltshire: Terry Smith 01452 859789 terrysmith859789@sky.com
Somerset and Bristol: Andy O'Kane 07785266519 andyokane@hotmail.co.uk
To be held by Forest Oaks
Miners Hall
Wesley Rd,
GL14 2JN‎
Friday 30th October
Weigh in 17.00-19.00hrs
Doctor 18.oohrs-19.00hrs
Draw 19.oohrs
Boxing 19.30hrs
OIC: Terry Smith

Class A
2-10 bouts 3x2min
45-48 No Entry
48-51 No Entry
51-54 Lloyd Roberts (Yeovil)
54-57 No Entry
57-60 William Hibbert (Frome)
60-64 No Entry
Kevin Harris (Trowbridge)
64-69 Shane Le Patourel (Amalgamated)
Demain Atwell (Broadplain)
James Duffy (Baker Street)
69-75 Jake Ball (Kingswood)
Tom Temblett (Broadplain)
Lewis Foster (Baker Street)
75-81 Jo Ross (NSC)
Henry Roy (Empire)
Craig Lintern (Wells)
Kyle Romain (Penhill)
Joe Wallace (Tredworth)
Alexander Hoccom (Sweatbox)
81-86 Warren Shepherd (Broadplain)
86-91 Mathew Leslie (Downend)
Mark Cooper (Taunton)
91+ Tom Gifford (Empire)
Mathew Donnelly (Broadplain)
Steve Virgo (Forest Oaks
Peter Richards (Penhill)

Class B
11-20bouts 4x2min

45-48 No Entry
48-51 No Entry
51-54 No Entry
54-57 Duane Winters (Empire)
57-60 Lauson D'Costa (Penhill)
60-64 Craig Ryder (Frome)
NathaCummings-Snow (Broadplain)
Jon Vance (Yeovil)
Damien Dinwiddy (Gloucester)
64-69 Terry Richards (NSC)
Daniel Sarkozi (Empire)
Emin Zrelli (Taunton)
Mike Rose (Frome)
George Reeves (Gloucester)
69-75 Tom Duff (Amalgamated)
Craig Amos (Kingswood)
Joe Dark (Broadplain)
75-81 Wayne Bradley Calladine (Amalgamated)
Jake Whiteside (NSC)
81-86 David Aston (Minehead)
Ben Stoker (Taunton)
86-91 Nathan Madge (Forest Oaks)
91+ No Entry

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