Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Rules, Rules , and Rule books

Each club should now have at least one new rule book, and each registered official should also have a rule book. If you do not please contact your divisional secretary as they have them for your use. Enough for one pre club and one pre offical.
There has been changes already to the rule book. . . . . .
Following the ABA AGM.the following message was received:
Dear Colleagues
Please find attached the amendments and rule changes from the 2009 Annual General Meeting of the Boxing Council of England
A proposal concerning potential dual licence holders for amateur and professional coaches was discussed and due to a misinterpretation of the Articles of Association this has now been withdrawn under ABAE Articles of Association item 34 and was lost.

Yours sincerely
Paul King
Chief Executive Officer
ABA of England Ltd.

Circular 01/09/10

Dear Regional Secretaries, Council Members and Divisional Secretaries

Further to last Sunday’s Boxing Council Annual General Meeting 27th September 2009 please find listed the rule changes which were accepted and to be implemented.

Amendment 1 (New Rule Book June 2009 new page 105 ABAE Senior Championships and ABAE Youth Championships Weights Table)

ABAE Senior Championships and ABAE Youth Championships weights to be introduced 1st January 2010 and adhered to for the 2010 ABAE Senior Championships and ABAE Youth Championships.

48kgs and under

51kgs and under

54kgs and under

57kgs and under

60kgs and under

63.5kgs and under

67kgs and under

71kgs and under

75kgs and under

81kgs and under
86kgs and under

91kgs and under


(Due to some Senior Novice Preliminary Bouts commencing prior to the Annual General Meeting the implementation of the new weights as you can see has been backdated to January 2010, therefore the 2010 Senior, Youth and Senior Novice Championships will all be staged in 2010) according to the new weights.

Addition 1 (New Rule Book June 2009 Page 28)

Addition Rule 15 – that a person 15 years of age and under 17 years of age may qualify as an Apprentice Judge and Timekeeper until he/she reaches the age of 17 years when they can be potentially promoted to a full and active ABAE Officials status, given they have taken the relevant course and passed.


Addition 2 (New Rule Book June 2009 Page 3 TBC)

The ABAE will recognise and endorse Amateur Professional Clubs who must affiliate annually to the ABAE and will be governed by all ABAE Rules. These Amateur –Professional registered clubs can then offer Amateur-Professional training/sparring and activity sessions at different times of the day.

The ABAE will not provide any insurance cover for any professional training/sparring activity sessions, this must be borne and provided by the individuals or other provider eg. such as the British Boxing Board of Control.

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